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 USA Old School Tournament March 2018 


Read ALL tournament rules below before you sign up.

You will be solely responsible for finding your opponents and and arranging your
games. Use the Forums primarily, followed by Chat or Servers. Winners of each
round must post game results as a reply to the correct tournament thread:

Americas Tourneys
European Tourneys
Oceanic Tourneys


  1. You can register for a tournament with open registration. If the
    tournament registration is not open, it will say 'Registration Closed'.

  2. You must sign up and play tournament games using the same primary alias you
    use to login to ZDaemon and ZLauncher Chat.

  3. You may only enter tournaments in one location per month (So if you sign up
    for Euro x/y then you can't sign up for USA x/y. 'World' Tournaments - by name -
    are available to all, and are exempt from this rule.

  4. If there are Open, Intermediate and Beginner Tournaments, you may only enter
    one of these. Further, you may also be moved from one to another should the
    administrator feel you are not in the tournament that reflects your skill.

  5. You may enter Old School and New School tournaments in the same location if
    they run in the same month.

General Rules:

  1. Aliases are not allowed. You must register AND play using the name with
    which you most frequently play. If we cannot verify your identity you will be
    removed from the registration for that event, and potentially banned from future

  2. Soon after a tournament's registration is closed, the matches will be
    selected randomly by the tournament system software. The matches can then be
    viewed by clicking on the name of the tournament.

  3. You must play your match only on official tournament servers or admin
    approved servers. If there is a dispute between you and your opponent as to
    which server should be played, then use the default servers. For Americas:
    Dwango United - New Jersey (East USA). For Europe: [L@P] (Germany, EU). For
    Oceania: Borrowed Time (Sydney, AUS)

Contacting Your Opponent:

  1. It is up to YOU to contact your opponent to schedule a date/time/server
    to play on. This can be done by finding your opponent in the Forums and Chat
    tabs within ZDaemon Launcher.

  2. You MUST add the #euro / #usa / #oceania channels to your Extra Channels
    list found in ZLauncher/ZRC > Chat > Settings, and you must be in the channel at
    the time you agreed to play your match. If you do not meet your opponent at the
    agreed date and time or within a suitable time scale, you will be disqualified.

  3. You need to actively look for your opponent via Forums, Chat or Servers. If
    you can't see each other online then use the forums to call out your opponent by
    posting a reply in the correct tournament thread asking when they can play. This
    is proof that you made attempts to arrange to play your game in case of no-shows
    where admins need to consider who should be disqualified.

  4. If neither player shows up at the agreed upon date and time, or neither
    player chased the other to play their game, then both will be

Playing Your Match:

  1. Any tournament games will only be counted if a callvote reset has been
    made when you're both ready to play. Both players must then join at the same
    time after the reset.

  2. If a player gets disconnected during the game simply reconnect and continue.
    Do not restart the game. Resume playing the match and do the math to keep track
    of who wins.

  3. No aliases allowed - you must play with your primary login which must be the
    same as your sign up name, with the exception of changing clans mid-tournament.

  4. If it appears that someone other than the registered player has attempted to
    play the scheduled match, the registered player will be disqualified and banned
    from future tournaments.

  5. Both players MUST record demos of their matches and take screen shots of the
    final score. This will help the tourney admin to resolve any potential

  6. You may not start the next round if the current round is not yet complete,
    unless you have been given permission by the tournament administrators in
    special scenarios where games are being held up.

  7. Disputes will be settled by the tournament admin. The admin's decisions are

After Your Match:

  1. The winner of the match must use the ZDaemon forums. They must post the
    following information by reply to the correct tournament thread: Date the game
    was played; Game scores; A link to the server demos; a link to the client demos;
    and a link to screenshots of the results.

Good luck!!!

 Main tournament administrator: usa-admin 

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