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 USA Old School Tournament March 2018 

Registered Players
 Player   Location   Preferred Time 
 PerroNDoN   Mexico   Evenings or Nights 
 [FS]Kuuko   Mexico   5:00 pm at 8:00 pm 
 [FS]BlueVenom   USA   Anytime 
 jim_lahey   raleigh nc   11 30 pm - 1 am 
 Merk   Dayton Ohio   after 8pm EST 
 [FS]Miano   US East Coast   Anytime after 2100 (9pm) Fridays-Sundays 
 Madgunner   EST (Georgia)   Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday 
 Doomkid   Australia   Afternoon/Evenings (USA Eastern Time, that is) 
 [AwS]Cecil   NewYork   Most Evenings after 7:00 pm EST 
 _42ph   USA   Evenings and weekends 
 loveless   USA   2pm-12am PST 
 Tai   USA   Evenings on weekdays, more flexible on weekends 
 TabbiKatt   USA   8PM PST 
 [FS]Demolition   Oklahoma   Evenings 
 [oF]Souler   Mexico   M-F before 6 est or Midnights Free weekends 
 [FLCL]Jc1   Toronto, Ontario, Canada   monday, wednesday, thursday, friday 
 There are currently 16 registered players 

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