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Details and Instructions

Welcome to the USA May '13 CTF Tournament!


  • Each team is allowed 3 players per team with 1 additional reserve player.
    All players must be registered under their team's roster by the end of the sign
    up date.

  • All competing teams must designate one person to be the team captain,
    captains are responsible for the following:

    - Registering your team on the tournament website.
    - Recording demos.
    - Scheduling matches with your opponents.
    - Posting scores in the forums.

  • When creating your team's name please refrain from making racist, sexual or
    any other inappropriate team names. We wish to keep this a professional
    competitive environment. If you are unsure of your team's name please contact
    one of the tournament administrators for clarification.

  • Players interested in downloading demos from this tournament can find them
    here demos expire after 10 days.

  • Servers

    Dwango United New jersey

    Server Settings

    DMFlags: 283652
    DMFlags2: 655360
    Score Limit: 5
    Time Limit: 10 minutes.
    Best out of 3 rounds.
    Overtime enabled.
    Map/Wad: zdmegactf-1f map29(week 1), map20(week 2), map41(week3)
    Server Password: N/A


    Registration and practice: 4/25/13-5/6/13
    Round 1: 5/7/12-5/13/13
    Round 2: 5/14/13-5/20/13
    Final Round: 5/21/13-5/27/12

    For any questions contact Dannyboy via private message on the forums or IRC in

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