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Details and Instructions

This month's tournament will be using the excellent compilation TDMax, each
round will play host to a different map. See below for map pool.

The tourney is International, so servers in multiple locations around the globe
will be used so players can find their best server to play on. If one can't be
agreed by both sides, a coinflip will determine which one is to be used.

[b]Rules (Please read them all):[/b]

Signing Up:
[list][*] You MUST have a ZDaemon Forum account or have created one in order to
sign up to the tournament.

[*] You must actively seek your opponent to arrange a time to play your match.
YOu can do so by posting in the tournament forum thread or by finding your
opponent in ZDIRC.

[*] [color=green]To sign up a team, The full team name must be submitted on the
tournament website, and you must post your team roster here in the
[list][*] If you fail to turn up for your game, you will be banned from the
current tourney as well as the following one.

[*] You must contact your opponent ASAP after you find out who they are and
arrange a time to play. If you miss your match and the other player turns up,
the above rule applies. If neither player turns up, the above rule also applies.

[*] The winner of each match must post their scores in the tournament thread,
providing a link to a screenshot of the score. If there is no proof and no
witnesses to say the game has taken place, and the opponent delcares the score
of any game to be incorrect or fabricated up to one week after the tournament
has ended, then the match must be replayed.

[*] Be sure to post on the forums at least once every round. If your match
doesn't get played for whatever reason, then we have no record to what extent
both of you tried to contact each other. The result will be a double DQ.

[*] Rematches are not allowed. If you have a problem during your match, speak to
your opponent to arrange another time as soon as the problem becomes apparent.

[*] Tourney admin must be notified before the end of a round if extra time for
playing your match is needed; Failure to do so will result in DQ.

[*] It is highly recommended that all players record demos and take screenshots
of the game. It will be easier for the Admins to deal with disputes about
matches if all the resources are with them.[/list]
Server rules:
[list][*] Try making a friendly, peaceful agreement on the server choice. If
both sides are happy, we're happy and everyone's happy. Good job!

[*] If you can't agree on a server, both players should select two from the
official DUI New Jersey server.

[*] If you have any disputes, call an admin to make a decision. But don't expect
it to be amicable and fair to everyone, as it's probably impossible at this point.


Sign ups open until: 06 Nov 2016 (extended from 31 Oct)

[u]Quater-finals:[/u] 7 Nov 2016 - 13 Nov 2016
[u]Semi-finals:[/u] 14 Nov 2016 - 20 Nov 2016
[u]Final:[/u] 21 Nov 2016 - 27 Nov 2016

[u]3rd place play-off:[/u] 21 Nov 2016 - 27 Nov 2016


[u]Round of 16:[/u] UDM3 Map09
[u]Quater-finals:[/u] TBD
[u]Semi-finals:[/u] TBD
[u]Final:[/u] TBD

[u]3rd place play-off:[/u] TBD

[b]Server settings:[/b]

Official Servers: DUI New Jersey, KIFE?

Game Mode: Team DM
WADs: [b][url=http://downloads.zdaemon.org/wads/tdmax_b3.zip]tdmax_b3[/url][/b]
(contains UDM3 Map09)
Players: 4
DMFLAGS1/2/3: 1090606404/1179649/0
Tourney type: "New School"
Skill: 4 - NM
Fraglimit: 80
Air Control: 0 (NS/ZDoom)
Gravity: 100%
Fineticks: ON
Team Damage: 50%
Join_Password to to be provided by admin on request



Good luck all!

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