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Details and Instructions

General Rules:

-You may choose any team name you wish as long as it doesn't violate the Terms
of Service. Be advised this rule is non-negotiable and is at the tournament
administrators discretion.

-Teams may only choose back up players from the list of free players. If there
is no free players available you may select someone not registered how ever the
team captain needs to be sure to inform a tournament administrator so that
player may be added to the list.

-All players and teams will be listed in the "roster" link. This is done to keep
track of who belongs to which team.

Team Captains:

-Team captains are responsible for all forms of team management. Failure to do
the following will result in a team disqualification:

1. Signing your team up on the tournament website.

2. Finding substitute players.

3. Recording Demos.

4. Reporting your teams roster to the tournament administrator.

5. Reporting ANY team roster changes to the tournament administrator.

6. Scheduling matches.

All team captains must be reachable via ZRC in the #zd-tourneys channel.

Map Selection rules:

-Maps will be chosen by each team captain. This being said there will be no map
list. Each team captain gets a map choice out of 2 rounds ( i.e team "A" chooses
map01 for the first round and team "B" chooses map02 for the second round).

-To determine which team gets the first map pick, players may use the flipcoin
option (or decide by them selves who gets the first map pick), to do this simply
type in the server console callvote flipcoin. Before using the flipcoin option
be sure that each team has chosen a side of the coin (heads or tails).

-The winner of the match is determined by the total amount of frags at the end
of both rounds.

-Players may not vote no on the opposing teams map pick, doing so will count as
a forfeit.

-In the event of a tie a third map will will be agreed upon, the team with the
highest amount of frags at the end of all three rounds wins the match.

If you wish to participate in the tournament but do not have a team you may PM
or post in the forums with the following information:


You will be put on a roster listed as a "reserve" player in case any team needs
a reserve/substitute player. Team captains are obligated to report changes to
their teams roster to the tournament admin.

Tournament Admins are Dannyboy, ReXn0r, and [CoF]MadV

Server settings:

DMFlags: Free-look and cross hairs are enabled jumping is disabled. Team damage
is set to 100%. Forced re spawn set to 15 seconds.
Frag limit: 75 frags.
Time limit: 10 mins per round.

Registration and practice: 3/1/11-3/7/11

Round 1: 3/8/11-3/15/11

Round 2: 3/16/11-3/23/11

Round 3: 3/24/11-3/31/11

Final Round:4/1/11-4/7/11

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