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Details and Instructions
Tournament Guidelines:

-The tournament will be a team based event. Teams of 2 with a maximum of 8

-Winner of the match will be decided based on which team ends up with the most
monsters killed at the end of the round. Both teams will be entering the round
at the same time. The team that has the best out of 3 rounds wins the match.

-Everyone is only given 1 life so play smart! And don't be afraid to try and
sabotage your opposing team!

-The server difficulty will be set to "I'm to young to die" this is done for the
extra ammunition and half damage caused by monsters.

====Special Instructions====
-At the beginning of the round two portals will be available for each team. Once
BOTH teams are ready each team may choose a portal then proceed to play the

-At the end of the map the score will be posted automatically so make sure to
look for it!

Tournament Administrators: Dannyboy, ReXn0r.

Server Settings:
Map/Wad:"Hans Monument" by worst-vd-plas.
Difficulty: I'm to young to die.

Registration and practice: 4/1/11-4/7/11

Round 1: 4/8/11-4/15/11

Round 2: 4/16/11-4/23/11

Final Round: 4/24/11-4/31/11

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