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  There are no active tournaments.  

  • You must register for each tournament you wish to participate in. You may register for any tournament with open registration, which is indicated by the 'Register Here' link for that tournament. If the tournament registration is not open, it will instead say 'Registration Closed'.

How To Register:
  • Click on the 'Register Here' link for the tournament you wish to participate in. You will then be presented with a detailed description of that tournament which includes any specific rules or instructions for that event.

  • After you have read the Details and Instructions, scroll down to the bottom (if necessary) and complete the registration form. Then, click the 'Save' button. You will then be presented with the list of currently registered players, with your name in the list. This is your confirmation that you have successfully registered.

General Rules:
  • You can register for any tournament with open registration. Open registration is defined as a tournament for which the maximum number of registered players has not been reached and/or the tournament admin has not manually closed the registration for that tournament.

  • Each tournament has a pre-determined number of open positions available. Once that number of players has been reached, the tournament registration will be closed.

  • You may not register for a tournament that is either closed, or one that is already in progress.

  • Aliases are not allowed. You must register using the name with which you most frequently play. If we cannot verify your identity you will be removed from the registration for that event, and potentially banned from future tournaments.

  • Soon after a tournament's registration is closed, the matches will be selected randomly by the tournament system software. The 'Opponents Assigned' column will indicate when the selection process has been performed. The matches can then be viewed by clicking on the name of the tournament. There will not be any changes once opponents are assigned.

  • You must play your match on the wad, map and whatever other settings that were designated for that tournament.

Contacting your opponent:
  • It is up to YOU to contact your opponent to schedule a date/time/server to play on. This can be discussed between the opponents using the forums and/or by using the 'chat' capability in the ZDaemon Launcher. When the date and time of the match has been determined, post it in the forums. This will be used as proof of when the match is scheduled to be played.

  • You MUST join the #zd-tourneys channel at the time you agreed to play your match. If you do not meet your opponent at the agreed date and time, you will be disqualified.
    - If neither player shows up at the agreed upon date and time, both will be disqualified.
    - If one player shows up at the agreed upon date and time and their opponent does not, the player who showed up will be awarded with the win. In this case, the score will be recorded as 1-0 and the winner moves forward to the next round.

Playing Your Match:
  • Please attempt to contact the tournament admin prior to starting your match so that the admin may observe your match. If the admin does not respond, try to get one or more neutral observers to witness the match.

  • If a player gets disconnected during the game simply reconnect and continue. Do not restart the game. Resume playing the match and do the math to keep track of who wins.

  • As previously stated, aliases are not allowed. You must play your match using the name you registered as. If your identity is in question or cannot be verified, you will be disqualified.

  • If it appears that someone other than the registered player has attempted to play the scheduled match, the registered player will be disqualified and banned from future tournaments.

  • It is highly recommended that both players record demos and take screen shots of the final score. This will help the tourney admin to resolve any potential disputes.

  • It is the winner's responsibility to post the score on the tournament thread or to send a private message to the tournament admin after the match has been played.

  • Disputes will be settled by the tournament admin. The admin's decisions are final.


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