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 USA April '12 Survival Tournament 


Welcome to the USA April '12 Survival Tournament!

Please read these instructions very carefully before signing up. If you have
any comments/suggest/questions please feel free to contact us in #zd-tourneys
on ZRC.

Tournament Guidlines

Winner of the match will be decided based on which team ends up with the most
monsters killed at the end of the round. Both teams will be entering the round
at the same time. The team that has the best out of 3 rounds wins the match. At
the beginning of the round two portals will be available for each team
labled "A" and "B". Once both teams are ready each team may choose a
portal then proceed to play the match. At the end of the map the score will be
posted automatically so make sure to remember your teams score!

Players are only permitted 1 life so play smart! Cheapshots (ie. being
shot into lava) are allowed! so don't be affraid to try and sabotage your
opponents! The server difficulty will be set to "I'm to young to die" for
ammunition reasons.


-2 players per team with 1 reserve player.

-Each team must select one person to be the team captain.

-Teams may have up to 1 extra player on their roster as substitutes. They must
be added to your teams roster before the tournament begins.

-Team captains are responsible for all forms of team management. Failure to do
the following will result in a team disqualification:

1. Registering your team on the tournament website.

2. Recording and submitting demos/screenshots on the forums.

3. Scheduling matches with your opponents.

-You may choose any team name you wish as long as it doesn't violate the Terms
of Service. Be advised this rule is non-negotiable and is at the tournament
administrators discretion.

-When creating your team please refrain from making sexual or other
inappropriate team names. We wish to keep a professional environment for this
tournament. If you are unsure of your team name simply ask a tournament


GameOwls Chicago
Dwango United New Jersey

Server Settings

DMFlags: 81956
DMFlags2: 35094080
Map/Wad: "Hans Monument" by worst-vd-plas.
Difficulty: I'm too young to die.
Best out of 3.
1 Life only.


Registration and practice: 4/1/12-4/8/12
Round 1: 4/9/12-4/16/12
Round 2: 4/17/12-4/24/12
Final Round: 4/25/12-5/2/12

Special thanks to worst-vd-plas for the awesome map and in-game score
 Main tournament administrator: usa-admin 

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