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 USA Intermediate Tournament December 2005 


***Rule changes have been made at the bottom of this post,
please read to understand the new rule implementations***

USA Intermediate December Tourney is now available for


- You must reply to the verification E-Mail sent to you or
your place will be re-opened for someone else. This is the
first stage in making sure you turn up for your match.
During the registration period players will be screened by
the admins to ensure only players up to and including
intermediate level enter.

- Winners of the Intermediate tourney are not allowed to
enter future Intermediate tourneys, they must move up to the

- If you fail to turn up for your game you will be banned
from the current Tourney and next months Tourney. Only sign
up if you're sure you can play, we will not tolerate no-shows.

- You must contact your opponent ASAP after you find out who
they are and arrange a time to play. If you miss your match
and the other player turns up, the above rule applies. If
neither player turns up, the above rule also applies to both

- Post your scores in the forum or E-Mail/AIM them to me.

- Be sure to post in the forums at least once every round.
If your match doesn't get played for whatever reason, then I
have no record of what extent both of you tried to contact
the other. The result will be a double DQ.

- It is highly recommended that you include a messenger
service as well as email. They're free to get, and they will
increase your chances of playing your matches greatly.

- You may only join one tournament at a time. This will
ensure there are more slots open for other players. This is
NOT mean that you can’t join the Intermediate/Open and the
New School Tournaments together. You just can’t enter the
Open and Intermediate at the same time.

- Rematches are no longer allowed, if you have a problem
during your match speak to your opponent to arrange another
time as soon as the problem becomes apparent.

- Aliases are no longer allowed. If you have more than one
nickname and it is used on a regular basis that's ok, a new
nickname purely for the tourney will get you DQ.

*** Rule additions ***

-The new EXP rules worked well last month and will be
implemented again… You must have 1000 EXP to enter the
Intermediate Tournament.

From now on, you must contact me before the deadline or it
will result in a DQ. If you contact me and request an
extension, you will then have three days to complete the
match. If not, it will be a DQ. This is done to keep the
tournament moving and not straggling behind. If something
comes up that doesn’t allow you to play within the time
frame or the extension, then request to drop out and this
will not get you banned from the next months tournament. Any
questions about this can be directed to me via Email, ZRC,
or AIM.


Registration: 11/25/05 - 11/31/05
Round 1: 12/1/05 - 12/6/05
Round 2: 12/7/05 - 12/12/05
Round 3: 12/13/05 - 12/18/05
Final: 12/19/05 – 12/24/05
Registration for January Tourneys: 12/25/05 - 12/31/05

Level: Level: zmas2k5_b03.wad Map01 Players: 16

Tournament Admin is [SIN]DemonXP. Good luck all!

 Main tournament administrator: DemonXP 

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