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 ZDolympics - Doom Racing - February 2006 



Teams must post which two players are playing in this event prior to the start date.

When the players are loaded, a random draw will be made to determine which other team you will compete against. The places of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th are determined primarily by sections won, where there is more than one player who does not win a section, the places for those players will be determined by who reaches the finish in which order. If there are ties at the finish, the lower places will be determined by who reached each section end in what order on each of the 5 sections, it is vital that all players record a demo of this event.

Players must not exit the map until all 4 players have reached the finish and agreed to exit.

Teams must arrange a time when all 4 players can compete in one game.

As it is sometimes hard to determine places in this map, one team must use the blue and green lanes, the other team the red and yellow lanes. The middle white lane must not be used. You must make a note of your own place as well as the other players where possible. Demos are required by all players in case of dispute.

Round 1 will begin on the 7th, at which time the server will be locked and available to registered team members only, you must contact one of the tourney admins for the password. We will try to notify who we can on your teams of the password asap but we can't always contact everyone.

Under no circumstances can the pw be passed to anyone who is not taking part in the ZDolympics, this is to ensure non tourney players can't go in and ruin your match.

The dates for the rounds will be posted once we know how many teams have registered.

Admin for this event is Samiam.

 Main tournament administrator: samiam 

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