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 Oceanic Open September 2008 



- If you fail to turn up for your game you will be banned
from the current Tourney and the next Tournament. Only sign
up if you're sure you can play, we will not tolerate
no-shows. Last tourney, we were a bit lax in enforcing this
rule. I assure you, it won't happen again. You don't play,
then you will be disqualified.

- You must contact your opponent ASAP after you find out who
they are and arrange a time to play. If you miss your match
and the other player turns up, the above rule applies. If
neither player turns up, the above rule also applies.

- Post your scores in the forum, contact either [RS]Robbbbb
in IRC or leave me a message over the forums

- Try to post in the forums at least once every round. If
your match doesn't get played for whatever reason, then I
have no record of what extent both of you tried to contact
the other. The result will be a double DQ.

- It is highly recommended that you include a messenger
service as well as email. They're free to get, and they will
increase your chances of playing your matches greatly.

- Rematches are not allowed, if you have a problem during
your match speak to your opponent to arrange another time as
soon as the problem becomes apparent.

- Tourney admin must be notified before the end of a round
if extra time for playing your match is needed, failure to
do so can result in DQ.

- Aliases are not allowed. If you have more than one
nickname and it is used on a regular basis that's ok, a new
nickname purely for the tourney will get you DQ.

- Play under the name you sign up under

- I reserve the right to disallow certain players from
entering the tournament for valid reasons only.

Map: Lazarus1jMap04
Players: 8
Servers: GameArena ONLY

Tournament Admin is [RS]Robbbbb. Good luck.

 Main tournament administrator: Robbbbb 

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