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 ZDC Intl Duel Tourney #06 March 2020 OS Grand Slam 


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Intl Duel Tournament #06 March 2020
Old School Grand Slam

Welcome to the International Old School Grand Slam!
Remember your first Deathmatch game? Most likely it was on doom2 map01. So remember again and show what you can!

Immediate changes to rules for special Grand Slam event:

1) The tourney will run under double elimination system (Winner Bracket and Loser Bracket).
2) All rounds are BO3 (until 2 wins).
3) Grand final - BO5 (until 3 wins) match where the WB (Winner bracket) finalist enters with an automatic 1-0 lead.
4) Forced spawning remains, you should ask your opponent to wait if you need a break. Ask an admin if there's a problem.
5) If someone is caught camping in the UNREACHABLE areas, deliberately delaying the match for unreasonable amounts of time, he will be disqualified after an admin decision. Note: "unreachable area" for doom2 map01 - it ONLY coop/single starts/chainsaw zones. Allowed camp time - 6 minutes.
6) All participants must submit their own client demos of games. Those who did not win the match overall can message Evolution or TGA with a link to their demos privately, if they do not wish to post to the forums.
7) Match Winners must post results to the forum thread using the match reporting template provided in that forum thread. Failure to provide own client demos of games won invalid that particular game and require a rematch or forfeit. In this context, a game is one duel round, and a match is all duel rounds played in a particular fixture.
8) Several typical rules below have been modified to be more accommodating of a Grand Slam event. Please re-read all rules below.

Read ALL the tournament rules below before you sign up.

You will be solely responsible for finding your opponents and arranging your games. Use both the ZDaemon Forums and Chat (#zdc and #zdplayers), or look for your opponent in-game.


  1. You can register for a tournament with open registration. If the tournament registration is not open, it will say 'Registration Closed'.

  2. You must sign up and play tournament games using the exact same primary alias you use to login to ZDaemon and ZLauncher Chat.

  3. If multiple tournaments are running with the same wads but in different locations, you may only enter tournaments in one location per month (So if you sign up for Euro x/y then you can't sign up for USA x/y. 'Global/International' Tournaments - by name - are available to all, and are exempt from this rule.

  4. If there are Open, Intermediate and Beginner Tournaments, you may only enter one of these. Further, you may also be moved from one to another should the administrator feel you are not in the tournament that reflects your skill.

  5. You may enter Old School and New School tournaments in the same location if they run in the same month.

General Rules:

  1. This Grand Slam ZDC Duel tournament will officially begin on March 21st and will run for 17-31 days, aiming to finish on April 6th if the tournament is 16-player, or April 20th if it is 32-player. Small extensions will be given if necessary at the admin's discretion. Players must be active and play all their matches during this time.

  2. Any form of bullying and harassment will not be tolerated whatsoever. Players must respect their opponents and if nothing nice can be said then nothing should be said at all. Any player who is found to bully, harass, use personal insults, etc will be warned just once to stop it. If it happens a second time, that player will be disqualified from the tournament and of course be unable to sign up to the next tournament. Evidence of such unwarranted behaviour should be sent to an admin in the event of it happening.

  3. Signups that can't commit to being available most days from 1st-21st of each month will be withdrawn. So an availability of only "Mondays" is in no way suitable nor is it fair for opponents. Players should also consider that the universal time to play will be around afternoons to late evenings using the EDT timezone. Players must try to agree on a time as well as a date to play their game.

  4. There are no dates for each round, but this does not allow you to delay the games for non-serious reasons. Practice and play matches as soon as possible. If games are not played within reasonable time frames then players who have been least available and forthcoming in trying to play their round's game will be disqualified unless prior approval to extend the round date has been given by an admin (and only if there's a good reason and the players are trusted and active).

  5. Aliases are not allowed. You must register AND play using the exact name with which you most frequently use. If we cannot verify your identity you will be removed from the registration for that event, and potentially banned from future tournaments.

  6. Soon after a tournament's registration is closed, the matches will be selected randomly by the tournament system software. They may then undergo seeding by admins to help balance the tournament. The matches can then be viewed by clicking on the name of the tournament.

  7. You must play your match only on official, admin-approved tournament servers. If there is a dispute between you and your opponent as to which server should be played, then use the one that offers the fairest ping & connection to all players in the particular match. Servers: North America: Dwango United - New Jersey (East Coast), Borrowed Time - Dallas, Texas (South Central USA), doom.dogsoft.net - Missouri (Midwest USA), doomshack.org - San Jose, California (Pacific Region, USA); Europe: Ducks (France), [L@P] (Finland), Hacker's Stone (Moscow, Russia); Oceania: Borrowed Time (Sydney)

  8. In case it's impossible for you to play on neutral grounds, play two full matches, on both sides' homefield. Add frags from both matches and compare them, the bigger total wins. In case of a tie, play another two matches. If you still have disputes, call an admin to make a decision. But don't expect it to be amicable and fair to everyone, as it's probably impossible at this point.

Contacting Your Opponent:

  1. You must make attempts to contact your opponent and to schedule a date/time/server to play your game within the round dates as early as possible. You must then notify an admin to inform them of scheduled games or attempts to contact opponents. You should be frequently on ZDaemon Launcher Chat using the same alias you signed up with, and reachable via ZDaemon Forums too. You should find your opponent in the same manner.

  2. You MUST add #ZDC to your Extra Channels list found in ZLauncher/ZRC -> Chat -> Settings -> Extra Channels, and you must be in the channel at the time you agreed to play your match. If you do not meet your opponent at the agreed date and time or within a suitable time scale, you will be disqualified.

  3. You need to actively look for your opponent via Forums, ZDaemon Chat or in ZDaemon Servers. You can also share email addresses or any other messaging accounts with each other too. If you can't see each other online then use the ZDaemon Forums to call out your opponent by posting a reply in the correct tournament thread, asking publicly when they can play. This is proof that you made attempts to arrange to play your game in case of no-shows where admins need to consider who should be disqualified.

  4. If neither player shows up at the agreed upon date and time, or neither player chased the other to play their game, then both will be disqualified.

Playing Your Match:

  1. Duel game mode: Simply agree that the game you are about to play is a tournament game and then enter the server, open the console and type 'callvote game' when you're both ready to play.

  2. If a player gets disconnected during the game: simply reconnect and continue. Do not restart the game. Resume playing the match and do the math to keep track of who wins. The opponents who remain in-game should stay there for at least ten minutes to allow the disconnected player to return and re-join.

  3. No aliases allowed - you must play with your primary login which must be the same as your sign up name, with the exception of changing clans during the tournament.

  4. If it appears that someone other than the registered player has attempted to play the scheduled match, the registered player will be disqualified and banned from future tournaments.

  5. Both players MUST record demos of their matches and take screen shots of the final score. This will help the tourney admin to resolve any potential disputes.

  6. You can start the next round if the current round is not yet complete.

  7. Disputes will be settled by the tournament admin. The admin's decisions are final.

After Your Match:

  1. The winner of the match must use the ZDaemon forums. They must post the required information by reply to the correct tournament thread that is stated in the 'match reporting' template found in that thread.

Good luck!

 Main tournament administrator: evolution 

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