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 USA December '11 TeamDM Tournament 


Welcome to the USA December '11 TeamDM Tournament!


-Each team must select one person to be the team captain.

-Teams may have up to 2 extra players on their roster as substitutes. They must
be added to your teams roster before the tournament begins.

-Team captains are responsible for all forms of team management. Failure to do
the following will result in a team disqualification:

1. Registering your team on the tournament website.

2. Recording and submitting demos on the forums.

3. Scheduling matches with your opponents.

-You may choose any team name you wish as long as it doesn't violate the Terms
of Service. Be advised this rule is non-negotiable and is at the tournament
administrators discretion.

-When creating your team please refrain from making sexual or other
inappropriate team names. We wish to keep a professional environment for this
tournament. If you are unsure of your team name simply ask a tournament


Dwango United New jersey
GSN Connecticut
GameOwls Chicago

Server Settings

Forced Respawn set to 5 seconds.
Frag Limit: 75
Team Limit: 75
Team Damage set to 100%
Experience enabled.
Map/Wad: Dwango5 Map07


Registration and practice: 11/23/11-12/01/11
Round 1: 12/02/11-12/08/11
Round 2: 12/09/11-12/15/11
Round 3: 12/16/11-12/22/11
Final Round: 12/23/-12/31/11
 Main tournament administrator: dannyboy 

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