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 USA New School Tourney March 2006 

Registered Players
 Player   Connection   Location   Preferred Time 
 [SIN]Abuse   Cable - Adelphia :(   Cleveland, Ohio   Anytime for Judas :D 
 Mantis-X   POS Adelphia   SC   Whenever Im on 
 Shadow_Ghost   Cable   Brampton, Ontario, Canada   Weekends 
 [Shep]   512   Mexico City   Nights, weekends 
 JKist3   broadband   USA   probably on weekends, but whenever i dont have too much homework. 
 [UD]DOOMGUY666   DSL   USA   Weekdays after 4:30 pm, weekends almost anytime 
 [BH]Donut   Cable   Chicagoland Area   Weekends and Some weekday evenings 
 Tai   Cable   Connecticut   Anytime Im on 
 Alejandrix   Adsl   Peru   anytime 
 hobomaster22   cable   US   after school weekdays 
 [Bro]Strider   Cable   Florida, USA   What? 
 [GD]Fyre   Cable   Illinois   After school, weekends 
 [DMG]Slick   dsl   usa   evenings weekends 
 [DUI]Niv   Cable   USA   any 
 The_Caller   cable   Tulsa,Oklahoma   just bout any 
 [TC]Godlike   Cable   Barker NY U.S.A   After school or on weekends (Normal time like 10:00 am - 9:00 PM) 
 There are currently 16 registered players 

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