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 Oceanic Open September 2008 

Registered Players
 Player   Connection   Location   Preferred Time 
 [eV]Rygrass   Adsl   New Zealand   You know in irc :D 
 Czar   ADSL2+   Perth   Evenings 
 andymun   Infinite I own the interwebz   Planet Pod where insects sound like lazers   Whenever Im on lol 
 Daveybaby   Cable   Melbounre   All 
 Br00keSy   aye dee ess ell   Melbourne   Tuesday Wednesday Sunday nights 
 [eV]XmAnZ   Adsl   Brisbane   any time but fri,sat nights.. 
 [WOLF]RedZTag   64k (Capped broadband)   New Zealand, North Island   Weekend Only 
 Skater   Cable   Philadelphia, PA   Evenings 
 There are currently 8 registered players 

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