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 ZDC Intl Duel Tournament #04 Xmas 2019 NS 

Registered Players
 Player   Location   Preferred Time 
 TGA   Moscow   Evenings (Moscow time) 
 Animal-   Alaska   Weekdays 21:00-02:00 EST (17:00-22:00 AKT), Weekends whenever 
 alc_136   Chile   21:00, chile 
 G4D2   USA   6pm-11pm EST (3pm-8pm PST) 
 [FS]MetalGuy   Chile   All the Time! 
 [FS]StarCraft   United States   Everyday after 7PM East Time! 
 [RF]maledict   Mexico   after 20:00 
 NationwideMoose   USA   Flexible 
 [FS]BlueVenom   USA   around afternoon to evening 
 Darcy   Italy   9,30 PM 
 DevastatioN   Canada, Nova Scotia   7:30EST to 9:30EST 
 [FS]Awup   America West   Usually nights after 10pm MST 
 HumanBones   USA, West Coast   After 8pm EST 
 AgiSkell   Russia, Saint-Petersburg   Anytime, but 8PM-4AM EST 
 Notarget137   Russia   2 pm 
 noncom   Russia, Saint-Petersburg   almost anytime, during 16:00 to 02:00 on GMT+3, other times maybe possible on prior arrangement 
 There are currently 16 registered players 

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