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 ZDC Intl Duel Tourney #06 March 2020 OS Grand Slam 

Registered Players
 Player   Location   Preferred Time 
 Animal   California   I will be free most of the time Animal#8553 or ZRC 
 TGA   Moscow   evenings (msc time) 
 Sergh   Saint-Petersburg   Most evenings (SPb time) 
 ArrowHead   Spb   most evenings (Spb time) 
 Looper   Finland   When I am not sleeping or studying. It could be morning, it could be evening. 
 alc_136   Chile   21:00, chile 
 G4D2   USA   6pm-9pm EST (3pm-6pm PST) 
 BFG   Russia   [GMT +3,00] 11:00PM - 1:00AM / Msk time 
 DevastatioN   Canada   Evenings 
 nrm   Estonia   Evenings 
 [SFG]happy_jay   USA   10pm eastern standard 
 There are currently 11 registered players 

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