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 USA March '11 TeamDM Tournament 

Team Roster
 Team   Player 
 Big Booty Bitches  (Captain) Dannyboy
 Big Booty Bitches  Killforce
 Buckets O Frag  (Captain) Tai-R
 Buckets O Frag  Stallion
 D:  (Captain) [SIN]Torment
 D:  Mikehail
 Dude Wheres My Packets  (Captain) Sabertooth
 Dude Wheres My Packets  Xenaero
 Everyone hacks except us  (Captain) ReXn0r
 Everyone hacks except us  Goatface
 Flying venomous vaginas  (Captain) Caution_
 Flying venomous vaginas  ShadowForce
 Free Agent  ShadowForce
 Hello Boys  (Captain) Jarin_cz
 Hello Boys  spirit_crusader
 Hells Gaybos  (Captain) DevastatioN
 Hells Gaybos  Rottking
 Los Cholos  (Captain) [oF]sOuLeR
 Los Cholos  RecK
 Los Cholos  Whiteboy
 Mamasotas Team  (Captain) [MT]Getzuko
 Mamasotas Team  Mitnick
 NightBros  (Captain) MadV
 NightBros  Kov
 Plastic Crash  (Captain) Delusion
 Plastic Crash  Collision
 Sexually Distraught  (Captain) HumanBones
 Sexually Distraught  Midian
 Taco Bell  (Captain) Ourhero
 Taco Bell  Malignity
 The Dead Eagles  (Captain) Mantis-X
 The Dead Eagles  ThatsJustPrime
 Titty Committee  (Captain) [SIN]Chaos
 Titty Committee  Swiftshot
 17 Teams 

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