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 Euro 3v3 CTF Tournament #5 - September 2007 

Team Roster
 Team   Player 
 3D Marines  (Captain) Draza_Jr
 3D Marines  Darg
 3D Marines  Dopefish
 Best Killers  (Captain) [BK]Bulb
 Best Killers  Jezus
 Best Killers  [BK]Graim
 Best Killers  [BK]Stafl
 Entryway Marines  (Captain) Titan
 Entryway Marines  raiderr
 Entryway Marines  vain
 Festive Fancies  Scylla
 Festive Fancies  Sniper
 Festive Fancies  WhiteKnight
 hhALIwood  (Captain) [ALI]Mafo
 hhALIwood  (Captain) [ALI]Urix
 hhALIwood  Cow-Killer
 hhALIwood  [ALI]Maly-Sanok
 hhALIwood  [ALI]Spirit
 PRE  (Captain) <pre>mr.twister
 PRE  <PRE>hokis
 PRE  sneakfast
 PRE  zuljin
 Speedy Matadors  (Captain) Ballero
 Speedy Matadors  Meo
 Speedy Matadors  Starrec
 Speedy Matadors  (Reserve) Tomsa_x
 The three Amigos  (Captain) Dusty Bottoms
 The three Amigos  Lucky Day
 The three Amigos  Ned Nederlander
 [Chaos] 1  (Captain) [Chaos]Mortalogy
 [Chaos] 1  [Chaos]Killer
 [Chaos] 1  [Chaos]Master
 [Chaos] 2  (Captain) [Chaos]Welkin
 [Chaos] 2  [Chaos]Devils
 [Chaos] 2  [Chaos]Nokturne
 [Chaos] 2  (Reserve) pErf3ct_DaRk_
 [dp] Mortifera  (Captain) [dp]Evolution
 [dp] Mortifera  [dp]Dragula
 [dp] Mortifera  [dp]Punaxe
 [dp] WOAH BUNS  (Captain) Tuomio
 [dp] WOAH BUNS  Mephisto
 [dp] WOAH BUNS  turSKA
 [NK]Rapid Fire  (Captain) [NK]Vampire
 [NK]Rapid Fire  [NK]Englander
 [NK]Rapid Fire  [NK]WeaponX
 13 Teams 

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